Colubris Consulting offers a broad range of IT and consulting services for mobile device applications. Our portfolio includes both software development services and complete end-to-end IT projects. We offer complete services, from design to execution, full product testing and post-implementation support. We have extensive experience in developing multimedia and business applications for mobile devices, and integrating with server-based business applications.

Listed below are some of the technologies that we specialise in and use for our projects:

Project management, quality proviosioning: MS Project, Mantis, wiki / knowledge base, xUnit, HTTPUnit, CruiseControl, Eclipse Test & Performance Tools Platform, Apache JMeter, Emma.

Mobile technologies: Java ME / J2ME, Antenna, J2ME Polish, SyncML, EclipseME, Thinlet, J2ME Web Services API / kSOAP, BouncyCastle, J4ME, SMSLib, GPS / Location API, Bluetooth / BlueCove, Kody QR / 2D , JXME, RFID, NFC, iBus//Mobile, Mobile Media API, Mobile 3D API, Wireless Messaging API, BlackBerry, iPhone, Google Android, SAP NetWeaver Mobile, NSICOM CrE-ME, IBM J9, Mysaifu

Server technologies: Java EE / J2EE, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, JSP, Servlets, JPA, Hibernate, Oracle TopLink, iBatis, JDO, Spring Framework, Acegi Security, Velocity, EJB, JDBC, XDoclet, Ant, Maven, Apache Cocoon, JTA, JMX, LDAP, Java NIO, Java Content Repository.

Application servers: BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Application Server, ATG Dynamo, SAP NetWeaver WAS, JBoss, Tomcat.

Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL Server, Oracle Database Lite, PointBase Micro, IBM DB2 Everyplace.

Integration, BI and business processes: ESB / Mule, ILOG JRules, SAP XI, SAP JCo, JMS: Tibco, BEA WebLogic, ActiveMQ, BIRT, Jasper Reports, JFreeChart, XFire, Axis2, RMI, CORBA, JINI / JavaSpaces / grid computing, JXTA.

Presentation layer: XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX, Flash Lite, XUL, JBoss Seam, Struts, JSF, SAP WebDynpro, Oracle ADF Faces.

We also specialize in the Bitcoin consulting and software development projects, check out our consulting services.

To improve our project execution, we use a methodology called Scrum.

Scrum’s key focus is to build value all along the project preparation and execution processes. With both the environment and human potential changing dynamically, the methodology focuses on individuality, interaction and working with clients, and adapting to change.

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